What does YOUR perfect meeting place look like?

What does YOUR perfect meeting place look like? Is it small, big with high ceilings? Down a charming brick alley with low lights? or perhaps it’s a country inn with the smell of fresh baked bread wafting in from the kitchen?

We are happy to announce that both Stardust Cafe and Stardust Galerie are now live!

2 thoughts on “What does YOUR perfect meeting place look like?

  1. Congratulations to all art lovers! New virtual art cafe is open and it’s full of great things! Wish the establishment and the owner, and also all participants to meet expectations of the demanding general public and critics alike and many years to come!


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  2. Tough to say what the perfect meeting place would be, but if I want to picture the perfect cafe/gallery for me, I guess I would enjoy going to a place that is well lit in the “common areas” with vaulted ceiling, but with a more intimate lighting and lower ceilings in more private areas off to the side where people could sit and relax in small groups. Hard wood floors throughout and low jazz / blues playing when a live band is not there. The place should be off the beaten path without heavy car traffic going by. Ideally it would be on a pedestrian street.
    It’s a lot to ask, but you did say “Perfect” place 🙂

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