Welcome to The Friendship Wall

This wall is judgment free. That’s its only rule.
On the friendship wall, you can safely tell us what you learnt from life, what inspires you, what your dreams are.
Today, share what you think or how you feel.
You can write in English or French
This is your page.

Sur ce mur, la seule règle est que l’on ne juge personne.
Sur le mur de l’amitié, vous pouvez en toute sécurité dire ce que la vie vous a appris, ce qui vous inspire, quels sont vos rêves.
Aujourd’hui, faites nous part de vos pensées ou de votre état d’âme.
Vous pouvez écrire en Anglais ou en Français.
C’est votre page.


What does YOUR perfect meeting place look like?

What does YOUR perfect meeting place look like? Is it small, big with high ceilings? Down a charming brick alley with low lights? or perhaps it’s a country inn with the smell of fresh baked bread wafting in from the kitchen?

We are happy to announce that both Stardust Cafe and Stardust Galerie are now live!