Current Exhibition

The current art exhibition is a selection of photographs on canvas by Cathy Bion (France).  They are available for purchase from our sister website Stardust Galerie. Click any image to open a slide show.

See Cathy’s work at Stardust Galerie

Cathy Bion (France)

Cathy Bion is a visual artist based in Paris, France, whose tool is not a brush but a camera.

Harbors are her favorite subject and she travels all around the world to capture their essence : from Morocco to Brittany, from Portugal to Australia.…

In the radiant light of the docks, she looks at colors and materials with the eye of a painter, as a testimony of man’s activity. She zooms in on a little scratch, a rust spot, a specific shade, all traces transformed by the passage of time and the secret alchemy of nature.

Focusing on colours and natural or man-made materials, her photography is abstract and always unretouched, producing an effect not dissimilar to painting.

Cathy Bion started photography at the age of 8 and began traveling as a teenager.

Her photobook Couleurs d’alizés (Trade winds colours), showcasing her art and featuring writings from art critics has been published by Critères Editions in 2010 .

For the past 15 years, Cathy has been organizing art workshops and creating artist books. Her pictures have been published on books covers, cards and posters : they are part of public and private collections in France, Morocco, Japan and Australia.

Her work has been exhibited in France and abroad (Japan, Morocco, Australia, Hong-Kong).



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